Daktronics has continued a relationship with Mall of Qatar for two new curved displays at the location’s south façade in Doha, Qatar. The displays were installed late in 2022 with the intent of delivering a can’t-miss experience with 3D forced perspective content that appears to come out of the displays at viewers.

The Technology
The main display face of each display features a concave curvature and at each end of the display, a convex curvature rounds the corners of the buildings. Each display features 8-millimeter pixel spacing and each measures 6.40 meters high by 45.76 meters wide for mass appeal along the south façade of the mall.

“The Mall of Qatar is going through major remodeling and these two iconic displays are custom designed and built to wrap the façade entrance,” said Ahmad Dahmash, Daktronics regional manager. “The technology perfectly integrates with the mall façade to create a WOW effect to the mall visitors. These unique curved displays will not only be used for advertisements, but are they designed to allow viewers the experience of 3D content, converting the mall into a landmark combining the latest technology with creative arts.” View more