Large Format Screens that dominate the space and deliver the message like no other

Large Format Displays represent the inimitable wow factor of the AV world. Regardless of the environment, its size or the market sector it serves, they have the power to dominate the space and deliver the message like no other audio visual technology.

Imagine a single vast LED screen of 120” or a multitude of ultra-thin bezel, 55” LCD displays or micro tiles configured as a towering wall or in a sweeping landscape format with touchscreen interaction and then picture the impact this will have on an audience. AVT’s clients are relying on incredible LFDs in a wide range of applications – from the auditorium to the sports stadium, the luxury retail store and public space to the corporate HQ reception area – and everyone is paying attention.

We’re integrating these stunning LFDs with other select technologies to make these state-of-the-art investments work even harder. Intelligent digital signage, projection and control systems are matching the demands of each environment perfectly, ensuring the display captures the eye, inspires interaction and portrays the brand in the best light possible.

Revolutionary 4K and UHD that takes the big screen further still

The impact of revolutionary 4K and UHD (Ultra-High Definition) resolutions is changing the game. This display technology delivers outstanding 4K and UHD picture quality with pixel-free viewing and precise, enhanced colours with images that remain constant whatever the viewing angle; the sheer experience of a unique visual landscape and its rich detail is in serious demand.

The benefits of this exciting technology go beyond the viewing experience – 4K comes with flexible, multi-source connectivity and compatibility with the latest input sources, long, uninterrupted operating times and consistently accurate colour reproduction that’s controlled effortlessly. Framed within thin and ultra-thin bezel cabinets, AVT’s 4K and UHD large format displays represent one of our most secure, future-proof investments an organisation can make.



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