The new kid on the block.

Digital signage is one of the most technically ingenious audio visual systems around and the rate at which it’s evolving to suit increasingly more demanding applications is remarkable. The word is out that there’s a world of opportunity being created by dynamic messaging – and everyone wants a piece of the action.

It’s not just about the hardware that’s used to generate or display visual messages – LCD panel, LFD display, video cube, projector, or full matrix LED display – it’s the content and the impact and functionality of it that’s shaping the digital signage revolution.

Displayed content communicates directly to targeted audiences with messages, information and presentations that create excitement, engender engagement and build atmosphere in ever more impressive ways.

It’s a given that any message worth announcing has to be presented professionally; AVT’s digital signage solutions make it easy to create impactful, branded content that demands attention and is simple to disseminate and distribute across networks to reach a target audience that can stay informed and act fast. The intelligent digital signage software we integrate combines data from various sources, including databases, RSS feeds, news information and internal feeds with clients’ video media assets to produce tailored, targeted content that’s viewer-centric and a breeze to manage. 

We incorporate features that make it easy to manage remote devices across networks with scheduled functions and real-time status monitoring, content management tools to assemble, schedule, deliver and playback content across networks and manage and distribute real-time data from multiple internal and external sources.

AVT’s digital signage solutions are hard at work in a wide range of environments, including presenting point-of-sale promotions, global enterprise communications, consolidation and distribution of information, hospitality communications, employee relations, public information and schedule posting, visitor information, interactive kiosks and advertising and health and safety bulletins.

The opportunities are truly endless and when you add IPTV to the mix, the possibilities are even wider…

IPTV for unlimited access to a world of broadcast channels.

IPTV is Internet Protocol Television and it refers to TV content that’s distributed, or streamed, across IP networks that carry the Internet and emails. With IPTV, organisations have the power to distribute video media over their own IP network for viewing on TV, AV display equipment and PCs. Our IPTV platforms deliver an incredible viewing experience with a superior picture and sound quality and include gateways, servers and boxes for a powerful presentation capability and unlimited, independent access to a world of broadcast channels.


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